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Your child's birthday party. Is this something that fills you with excitement or dread?

Well…thankfully we here at Star Steppers know a little bit about the organisation of these type of things so thought we'd share with you some of our top tips to ensure that your kids birthday party is a smash and not a flop.

Smily, happy party people

1) Don't feel rushed to 'get the party started' –

If you are booking entertainment, have them booked to start 15 mins after the guests arrival time. This way if anyone is late they don't feel uncomfortable and the kids also have a bit of time catch up, have a run around and a play before settling down to focus on the task at hand! It also gives parents a chance to do hellos and goodbyes and leaving you with a nice clear space.

2) One thing at a time.

We have arrived at parties and there are balloons everywhere, a face painter in one corner, chocolate fountain in another, a bouncy castle on the back wall and us on the other wall.

The kids find it all so overwhelming and don't know what to do with themselves. Pick your activity or activities and take it one thing at a time so the kids know what they are doing when and aren't running between it all like headless chickens – they will also appreciate the different elements all the more for it!

3) Get your party playlist sorted!

Music creates a fun atmosphere at a party. Even if your entertainment involves music (eg. a DJ / Dance Party) make sure you have something to play once they finish or you are left with a very quiet room! Finding suitable songs for kids is a tricky business! There are some great film soundtracks which have a lot to offer and you know they will be age appropriate – Trolls, Despicable Me, Happy Feet, Madagascar, Sing… We have a few playlist suggestions for you which we will be talking about soon so keep an eye out!

4) Food Glorious Food!

Make life easy for yourself, if you can try to keep the elements limited to a few items then that is going to be less work for you to put together. Consider what order the food gets presented – If the crisps and cupcakes come out first they will fill their boots on that so bring out the stuff parents will want them to eat most first and then gradually introduce the tasty naughty stuff!

5) Structure is key

After tea the kids will have a rush of energy and do not tend to focus quite as well as at the start so schedule your main activity at the start of the party when they are ready and prepared for the action! Don't expect to achieve much after tea!

6) Control Freak!

Keep the little treasures under complete control without raising your voice by using a classic teachers clapping technique – something all children seem familiar with and respond well to – you will be amazed. Clap your hands firmly in a rhymical sequence such as slow-slow-quick-quick-quick and you will instantly have their attention. You will even see kids trying to do this when they sense things getting too loud or crazy – it's instilled in them!

7) An air of calm to end your fantastic party

If parents arrive to collect and they are all sat around the table or in a circle playing a game like pass the parcel it gives the impression of a calm and organised environment! Even if it has been complete and utter bedlam in the middle let them think you had it all under control!

If you need a little help on your next kids birthday party or perhaps your children are fans of singing, dancing and drama then we'd love to help with our amazing top-rated kids parties. For more information simply give us a call on 07810 808 228 or visit our website.

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