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Use it or lose it. Is this the key to adult fitness?

I wanted to focus this blog on the positive effects that exercise, primarily ballet, has on the health of your spine. Many of us suffer from lower back pain, sore shoulders, lack of flexibility in the mid-back and poor posture usually as a result of the demands of daily life. This, in turn, can make us nervous to try or persevere with exercise. BUT your spine is literally your life source and without a healthy spine, your overall wellbeing is affected.

S o what can I do about it?

Well the simple answer is exercise but I want to focus on how participating in a ballet class can help you!

Ballet is a full body workout that helps to improve strength, flexibility, stamina and posture. Ballet is demanding and after a Ballet class your body should feel stronger, more toned, muscles that you didn’t know you have should feel activated. The sense of achievement leaves you feeling motivated and supports that feeling of positive wellbeing.

Technical ballet exercises require the body to bend, stretch, arch, rotate and lengthen. Which as a result improves the flexibility of the spine. The circulation of healthy nutrients and oxygen to the spine is greatly improved which helps us to feel full of vitality.

It’s not just about your feet.

Use of the arms in ballet through port de bras and the use of the core helps to build strength in the abdominals and back which acts as a protective corset around the spine. Thus helping to prevent soft tissue damage and back strain.

Use your frame to shape your body.

The strenuous leg work at the barre and in the centre promotes better flexibility and lengthened/ stretched hamstrings, reducing the pressure on the lower back.

I believe there isn't another physical activity that works the body and mind as much as ballet does


Ballet requires you to perform with better posture, lengthening through the spine, opening through the shoulders (avoiding the over arching, tucking under of the lower back.) We become better aware of how we are sitting, standing and working. Good posture means better alignment through the body decreasing the wear and tear of joints often caused by poor alignment.

Within the Ballet class you will jump, turn, and move with speed and control.  Endorphins are released which give us that happy, positive vibe. Endorphins also interact with the receptors in your brain that reduces your perception of pain.

Whether you try our Adult Ballet class or Ballet Fit class you will certainly reap the benefits of having a healthier happier spine.

Remember you deserve to feel fabulous, a healthy outside starts from the inside. Make time to invest in your personal well being, you won’t regret it.

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