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Our Reigate Dance Classes is one of our most popular and longest-running classes is located in the heart of Reigate Town Centre. Just moments from the high street and Priory Park, our class takes place in Reigate Methodist Church Hall to provide a light and airy space that is perfect for singing, dancing and acting. Tuesday and Wednesdays see Step 1 (ages 3-5), Step 2 (ages 5-7), Step 3 (ages 7-9) and Step 4 (ages 9+) taught by Anna, Hannah and Lizzie. And Friday welcomes our pre-school 2-4yrs age groups and is taught by Anna and Hannah.

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Star Steppers Warm Up Lunge

On Tuesdays our classes in Reigate run for 60 minutes for our Step 1 (aged 3-5 years) and Step 2 (aged 5-7 years) groups and 90minutes for our older Step 3 (aged 7-9 years) and Step 4 (aged 9 years+) groups. On Wednesdays all sessions are 60mins. The sessions incorporate a wonderful mixture of disciplines, including dance, drama and signing. Expect a wide variety of styles including street dance, musical theatre, jazz, improvisation, script work, solo signing and harmony singing in groups. Throughout the class we endeavor to create a fun, creative environment that increases confidence, improves fitness and makes lots of smiles.

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Reigate Class Prices

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Steps 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Ages 3-5 / 5-7 / 7-9 / 9+
Starting from 16.00pm / 17.15pm
£7 per 60 mins class
£10 per 90 mins class

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Steps 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Ages 3-5 / 5-7 / 7-9 / 9+
Starting from 16.00pm / 17.10pm / 18.20pm
£7 per 60 mins class

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Friday – Little Steps

For Pre-Schoolers

Ages 2-4
Starting 1.30 – 2.15pm
£6 per 45 mins class

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See what our parents have to say about Star Steppers Performing Arts Reigate
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews

January 2018

5 ***** out of 5

We love Star Steppers! A brilliant combination of dance and music appreciation! We love that it's modern music mixed with children's favourites. My little girl was nervous to start with as with all new situations but Anna gently encouraged her and allowed her to participate to her own comfort levels and it's been the highlight of her week ever since, constantly asking "is it Wednesday yet"! Anna is a brilliant teacher and we look forward to more!! Thank you!

December 2017

5 ***** out of 5

My two daughters have been attending Star Steppers for many years since they first started in Reigate. They have always had fun and have learnt to be confident speaking, acting and dancing in front of audiences. I am constantly impressed with the material that is covered, ranging from the fun, energetic dances to the more challenging contemporary/ artistic styles of dancing. I also really like the way the classes have evolved over the years to cater for the older children to provide more challenging material and to keep them motivated and enthusiastic.

February 2018

5 ***** out of 5

I really wish I was young again so that I could be part of the classes! My daughter LOVES her Tuesday sessions and skips out of the car to get there on time. She can't wait to be in the big show and does not stop singing and dancing around the house. Thank you for all your continual hard work behind the scenes and all the opportunities you are providing for our children.

January 2018

5 ***** out of 5

Naomi wasn't going to be satisfied with simply a dance class and when we heard about Star Steppers, it seemed perfect for her. Naomi began Star Steppers 6 years ago and has gone from strength to strength. Hannah and Anna are the perfect teachers - fun, highly skilled, creative, sensitive and kind. They have always welcomed Naomi with a beaming smile and made her feel valued as an individual - there is a place for everyone. We have experienced first-hand, Hannah and Anna's encouragement and support. They have enabled Naomi to participate in very varied and creative performances, developing her as an individual, building her confidence, helping her learn disciplines and skills in order to take on challenges that we could only imagine. We have been amazed at how the opportunities within Star Steppers for our children have widened, whatever age they are. As an organisation, it continues to develop, and for our family, we have loved every minute!

Days / Times

16.00 – 17.00 pm 3-5 years / 5-7 years
17.15 – 18.45 pm 7-9 years /  9+ years

Wednesday –
16.00 – 17.00 pm 3-5 years
17.10 – 18.10 pm 6-8 years
18.20 – 19.20 pm 9+ years

Friday –
1.30 – 2.15pm 2-4 years


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Address –

Reigate Community Centre, High Street, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9AE

More Information / Contact –

Either Call 07810 808 228 – we might be teaching so please leave a message if we can’t answer or alternatively complete the enquiry form below –

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Star Steppers Show - Cinderella
Tuesday & Wednesday Step 1, 2, 3 & 4

Kids & Teenagers Dance, Singing & Theatre Class Reigate

Reigate is amongst our most popular classes, these run each Tuesday and Wednesday for a range of ages and abilities. Those attending can expect a wide variety of disciplines covered within their class with Star Steppers. We cover drama, singing and dance as part of the class so you can expect Jazz, Contemporary and Street Dance to be covered as well as Musical Theatre, the latest pop songs and classical works. We pride ourselves on providing a well-rounded experience, taught by professionals to create a fun and memorable after-school class each week.

About our Reigate Classes

We've put together some frequently asked questions about our Reigate Classes, from parking to sibling discounts

Where should I park?

Our Reigate class takes place in Reigate Methodist Community Centre which is located just behind the church on the high street (near Marks and Spencer). Most parents will park in Morrisons, which is free for two hours and just a short walk away.

Is there an area where parents can wait during the class?

There is a lovely cafe located in the community centre itself just a corridor away from the class. Many parents wait here enjoying a cup of tea with the other parents or even have siblings doing their homework, some will do their weekly shop or even walk the dog in Reigate Priory Park which is adjacent to the class venue.

Do parents stay to watch the class?

For the first week parents are very welcome to watch during class, however we feel the children’s development and focus is much improved without people watching each week. This also allows for our regular watching weeks and performances to be an even better surprise for parents.

How many children do you have in each group?

We try to keep classes to 20 children per group max. There is also a class assistant present for younger groups.

Where do the Reigate Star Steppers members attend school?

We have a wide variety of schools attending including Reigate St Mary’s Prep School, Holmesdale Infant School, Reigate Priory Junior School, Reigate Parish Infant School, Wray Common Primary, St Joseph’s Primary, Dovers Green School, Sandcross Primary, Salfords, St John’s Primary, Northdowns Primary and Manorfield Primary. Many of our older students attend St Bede’s, Reigate School, Royal Alexandra and Albert and Reigate Grammar.

Do you have any boys attending the classes?

We have a good mixture of boys and girls in the class, this does change from term-to-term so be sure to ask when booking your trial in for a more accurate ratio.

Do you give any discounts for brothers and sisters?

Yes – there are sibling discounts available.

What do you advise for them wear to class? Is there a uniform that they need to wear?

We like the children to wear leggings or joggers with a t-shirt or vest and jazz shoes, trainers or plimsoles on their feet. There is a Star Steppers t-shirt, which we ask all members to wear for shows and public performances. T-shirts are £10.00

How are fees paid?

Fees are paid in half-termly instalments. Our members receive an invoice via e-mail and parents pay (preferably) online by BACS or we also accept cash or cheque.

Are there any additional costs other than the class fee?

The end of term shows are included in the cost of the class and usually performed in the second to last class before the end of term. Every other year we put on a Big Show – in previous years this has been £25 per child and includes costume(s).

Class Structure

Tuesday and Wednesday Classes –
Combination of Singing, Dancing & Drama – Covering Street Dance, Musical Theatre and Pop Styles.

Who teaches the Reigate Classes?

Tuesday classes are taught by Anna, Hannah and Lizzie. Wednesday is taught by Anna and Lizzie.

You can read more about our teachers here.

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