Life Without Ballet Is Pointe-less

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Life Without Ballet Is Pointe-less

Star Steppers Adult Ballet
Star Steppers Adult Ballet Class
At Star Steppers we have been running our adult ballet class in Reigate now for 3 years and it has become a wonderful community of men and women who share a desire to dance, to challenge the body, to engage the mind and take some valuable time out from their busy schedules.

It has been an honour and pleasure to watch their confidence develop, to see their bodies strengthen and tone, their technique improve and breadth of movement vocabulary increase.

Some of the ladies in the class even requested to do pointe work, to turn a childhood dream into a reality. Of course the answer was yes we can do pointe work but in the back of my mind my initial reaction was ‘ouch!’ as I recalled too clearly the painstaking hours I spent perfecting my pointe work at ballet school. The next week, in they came with new satin pointe shoes the same beautiful pink as newborn babies feet. At first they were tentative, a little fearful and there were a few exclaims of “this hurts!!!” However (6 weeks later) on Tuesday our last class of the Autumn Term the ladies achieved 8 exquisite échappé’s performed in the centre of the room without the aid of the ballet barre and multiple soutenu turns. Wow what an achievement and I told them how proud and amazed I was. Not to be patronising in anyway as I was honestly so impressed. If anyone has watched the challenge of pointe work you would be impressed too. And then I witnessed the true meaning of what this adult ballet class means to its participants. The warmth and happiness that glowed from the ladies as a smile trickled along their face from ear to ear, an inner feeling exclaiming self assurance and worth, their shoulders dropped, they grew a little taller and left the class with a bounce, talking excitedly to their friends about what they hope to achieve next term.

I am fully aware of how valuable this weekly class is to my lovely learners, they struggle with cancelled trains, run out of the house as partners take over childcare, carry the burden of daily stress into the dance studio. But once at the barre, the music strikes its first chord and the first plie is performed, harmony and happiness is restored yet again.

So what is the ‘pointe’ of ballet? Why do it? What are its benefits? Here are the main ‘pointe’s…

Improved cardiovascular fitness
Improved posture
Improved flexibility
Improved strength
Improved mental well-being

Surely the above is what everyone is looking for in a workout, the key components and how amazing all of the above can be accomplished in a ballet class. If you don’t believe me check out the following articles and and

We are so convinced by the wonder of ballet we have decided to open a new adult ballet class in Cobham in January. So please do come and join us…
Cobham – Sacred Heart Church Hall – Mondays at 7.30pm-8.30pm
Reigate – Reigate Community Centre on Tuesdays at 7.30pm-8.30pm.

For more information visit or contact us at 0781 0808 228.

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