Terms and Conditions

Please find below terms and conditions for Star Steppers Performing Arts Ltd (Star Steppers). For information on our Health and Safety Policy, please click here.

1. These terms and conditions apply to Star Steppers courses provided to students, registered for and consented to by them or the parent/ guardian (referred to hereinafter as “student”). Changes to these terms and conditions require the written consent of Star Steppers.

2. Those participating in Star Steppers courses are required to obey the rules and conditions of Star Steppers Performing Arts Ltd.

3. Course times, fees and methods of payment will be provided via letter or e-mail prior to commencement of attendance.

4. Prompt payments are essential to the effective running of our classes:
Members who pay by weekly instalments are required to make those payments, in cash, to the teacher on the day of the class.
Half-Termly fee payers must pay by the 2nd week of term. After this date Star Steppers reserve the right to charge a fee equivalent to the cost of two weeks attendance. Sibling discounts only apply to half-termly fee payers and when payments have been made within the first two weeks of term.

5. Methods of Payment:
• Bank Transfer
• Standing Order
• Online Pay-Now via Stripe

6. Classes take place once a week during the normal academic terms. The term dates for the following term will be made known in writing before the start each term.

7. Cancellation – Half-termly fee-payers are automatically signed up for the following half-term unless membership is terminated before the end of the previous term. Such termination will only be accepted when received by Star Steppers in writing. Where proper notification is not provided Star Steppers reserve the right to charge a fee equivalent to the cost of two weeks attendance.

8. Star Steppers reserves the right to exclude students from lessons at its discretion.

9. Star Steppers reserves the right to make changes to the timetable.

10. Star Steppers reserves the right to make changes to the teaching staff.

11. Fees are reviewed annually in September. Star Steppers reserves the right to alter fees as and when necessary. You will be informed in advance of any fee increases.

12. Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform Star Steppers and its staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions.

13. Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings. Star Steppers can accept no liability for lost or damaged belongings.

14. Students should dress (including appropriate footwear) according to the requirements of the class they are attending. Students should not wear any jewellery that may pose a risk to themselves or others (stud earrings and jewellery worn for religious or cultural reasons are acceptable.)

15. The liability of Star Steppers and that of its staff is restricted to class time only and then only to gross negligence.

16. Should it be necessary to cancel classes or performances on account of extreme weather conditions (snow, ice, flood, gale force winds etc.), epidemic or national crisis, or any circumstances over which Star Steppers have no control, fees cannot be returned or compensation made.

17. All parents/ guardians must complete a registration form, including emergency contact details and any health/ medical conditions that staff should be made aware of, prior to their child participating in Star Steppers classes.

18. Please be aware we will keep your contact details on file for a minimum of 21 days. If a member of a class / performance / event tests positive for Covid-19, we are duty bound to use, exchange and share your contact details to support the NHS and governments track and trace system. Our database is securely maintained.

19. In the event of one of your class members contracting Coronavirus / COVID-19, you will all be informed at the earliest opportunity and your classes will be suspended for 14 days. Classes will resume online via Zoom. Unfortunately there will be no refunds available in these circumstances.

20. Members who are absent due to sickness, vacation and quarantine are not eligible for refunds for classes not attended, and must pay their invoices by the due date in order to secure their class place.