New Term at Star Steppers

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This Term we will be putting on a pantomime with all our Star Steppers students! The children will learn story telling skills, explore how create larger-than-life characters using their voices and bodies. They will discover the joys of audience participation (and heckling) and, as always, it will be an all singing, all dancing extravaganza, designed to enhance their skills and boost confidence and make them laugh!

The Pantomime we have chosen is Cinderella. It’s a classic story that everyone knows and we are keen to incorporate the kids ideas and make it a creative experience for them all.

Step One will perform Act One – An Introduction to the Story of Cinderella. Looking at creating fairytale characters and learning some basic ballet steps.

Step Twos will perform Act Two – The Town Scene – Exploring comedy and slapstick and learning some audience communication skills. They also have an energetic cheerleader dance to learn!!

Step Threes are going to perform Act Three – The Ball – looking at characterisation and status. They will be learning some fiddly footwork and technique, inspired by Bob Fosse and learning more classical vocal techniques to create a comedy singing number.

All in all it’s going to be an exciting new term (oh yes it is!!) and a great start to the academic year – preparing them all for our Summer Show next July 2014.

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