Performing Arts For Boys

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‘Let’s hear it for the boys!’

Performing arts classes are not just for girls and we spoke to some of the boys who attend Star Steppers to see what they think about it…

‘I like Star Steppers because I get to see my friends and dance.’ – Jake
‘Thank you for running Star Steppers I love the cool dance routines that you teach us.’ – Henry
‘Star Steppers is fun, star steppers is great. Come and join in we’re having so much fun. I like drama you might too.’ – Ethan
‘I like it because you get to show your family what we have done. My favourite thing is dance.’ Ben
‘I like Star Steppers because it’s active.’ – Joel
‘It is enjoyable for everyone.’ – Oliver
‘I like star steppers because I love singing, dancing and acting and its very fun.’ – Harry
‘I go to star steppers because it is cool and we do shows.’ – Billy
‘Star Steppers is because we do lots of fun activities.’ – Daniel
‘I love star steppers, it is the best club in the world.’ – James
‘I joined star steppers because I wanted to be a good dancer, a good actor and a brilliant singer. I got to do all those things because star steppers helped me do all of them. Come and join it’s the best club you will ever join!’ – Joseph

These were just some of the comments we collected from the 31 boys aged 4- 12 years who took part in our bi-annual Star Steppers show. Each and every one of them took to the stage, performing song and dance numbers and came off the stage beaming and buzzing with the joy and success of their performance. They loved it and it was such a pleasure for Hannah and I to witness.

Hannah and I have the amazing opportunity of teaching boys in all of our Star Stepper schools 6 days a week. Their energy, creativity, physical ability bring an exciting dynamic to the class and every single one of them are keen and eager to learn new dance skills, to sing and to act. Our team of teachers work hard to ensure Star Stepper classes meet the demands of the mixed gender learner groups and we can confidently say that the boys and girls thrive from learning from each other, form confident friendships and we believe they gain a higher learning and social experience.

Sometimes dance isn’t even considered for boys and is seen as a hobby for girls. However dance requires stamina, strength, agility, coordination, flexibility, agility, discipline and focus, the same skills required to perform well on the football pitch and there are many famous footballers who use ballet and dance to support their training and attribute ballet to their success on the pitch. Rio Ferdinand started out at ballet school! Each week the boys at Star Steppers develop these skills through learning technical dance skills, dance routines and choreographing their own dances. The boys at Star Steppers love to be creative and we encourage this, as it gives opportunity for them to develop their artistic skills and gain confidence in self-expression and communication.

The boys that attend Star Steppers have done so for a long time and are truly committed and I believe this is because our philosophy at Star Steppers is to engage, nurture, inspire, develop and ensure equality.

One of my favourite quotes is by Ashley Page, the male Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet ‘Dance is capable of transcending perceived barriers and enriches the lives of so many others.’ And I do believe Star Steppers has given a positive dance experience to the boys who attend our classes and I am sure they will go on to share their love of dance and performance with others and will spread the word that ‘boys can dance too.’

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