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Reach for the Stars

I thought in this blog it would be really interesting to explore the benefits of goal setting for children and young people as a new year dawns.

As adults we are constantly creating mini goals as we write endless to do lists, mull over mid-term goals “Shall I take up adult ballet?” (Which I urge everyone to do!!!) and then those huge life time goals such as career changes, buying a house etc.

But how important is goal setting for children and what are the benefits…

Independence: By encouraging children to create their own goals they gain an autonomy over their learning. As a result children and young people more independently problem solve, sort a strategy for learning and a process for achieving their goals.

Motivation: We all need a kick start sometimes to energise us to be active, to learn, to be productive. Increased effort enables us to work towards our goals with greater persistence resulting in a positive cycle of behaviour. Whereby we set our goals, work with motivation to achieve our goals and then enjoy the positive highs of success.

Focus: Goal setting gives children and young people focus and helps with decision making. This enables them to conduct themselves in the learning environment with increased confidence and a greater desire to learn.

Purpose: Goal setting and achieving goals helps us to gain self-belief, self-esteem, greater self-image and overall confidence, working with a purpose makes learning worthwhile.

Growth Mindset: A healthy growth mindset enables children to understand that who they are now, and what they know and are capable of now, isn’t a fixed thing. Believing that they can change and grow and trusting that making mistakes is not failure but a learning opportunity.

At Star Steppers we have overall classroom learning goals such as being able to skip, being able to pirouette, being able to leap, being able to sing on our own, being able to recall and perform our drama lines and we work as a collective to reach these milestones. For many of our members, the latest goal is to perform on a big stage in front of 500 people! Our goal as teachers is to work closely with each individual child to set personal, attainable goals so that each Star Stepper is able to realise their full potential.

“Becoming is better than being”. By Carol S. Dweck.

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