Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do your prices compare?
Our classes are priced very competitively with classes priced from just £5.00 – almost half the price of many similar performing arts schools, such as Stagecoach and Perform. You are also very welcome to come along and try the class for free before you join.

2) How many students do you have in each class?
There are no more than 18-20 children in classes for under 8yrs. And for classes aged 3-6yrs there is always a teaching assistant present. In some of our older classes, we allow up to 25 children.

3) Are there any boys in your classes?
Yes there are and given the increasing presence of boys performing in TV talent shows such as X-Factor, The Voice, Got To Dance and Britain’s Got Talent, we have seen more and more boys joining and very much enjoying our classes. There is usually more girls than boys but very few of our classes have no boys in them.

4) How are your classes structured?
Our classes vary but generally fall into one of the two categories. Some classes have three teachers who teach three different disciplines (dance, singing and drama) and our pupils rotate round for each one. And some have all three disciplines taught by one teacher, who has trained in all three areas. Either way, all our classes start with a physical warm up to get the mind and body focussed, we will then work towards staging a whole play or we will perform a variety of pieces within a theme. Then there is usually a cool down and a bow to finish.

5) What should they wear?
There is a Star Steppers t-shirt, which we encourage everyone to own and wear for public performances but, as yet, this has not been made compulsory uniform.
Our classes are designed for all pockets! So all we ask is that our students arrive in comfortable clothes that they can move around in easily. Please avoid skirts, jeans and dresses. With regards to footwear, jazz shoes and trainers are ideal, or plimsolls. Please avoid UGG Boots, flip flops and sandals!!

6) Are there any discounts available?
– There are sibling discounts available on termly fees.
– We give all members of Star Steppers £10 off the hourly rate for party bookings.
– You are welcome to a free trial class before you join.
– If you introduce your child’s school to Star Steppers and they book a Star Steppers Workshop, you will get £10 off the term’s fees.

7) Do you enter your students into exams?
No. The emphasis of our classes is not on examinations or competition but on their own personal development. We aim to build confidence, improve coordination, sustain focus and teach them various communication skills in a positive and supportive learning environment. The goal being to give them the courage to stand up and speak, sing and dance in front of others – and enjoy it!

8) What experience do your staff have?
There are five teachers working on a weekly basis for Star Steppers and they are Anna Brunton, Hannah Everitt, Steven Edwards, Holly Clarke and Laura Ellis. All of whom are professionally trained and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the performing arts industry. For more information about our staff please go to The Star Steppers Team page.

9) Are your teachers First Aid trained?
Yes. Hannah, Anna & Steve are all first aid trained.

10) Do all your staff have CRB Licenses?
Yes all Star Steppers staff have fully CRB checked and most also hold chaperone licenses for when we put on productions. Star Steppers Performing Arts Ltd. also have public liability insurance and all the required music licenses.

11) Do you do shows?
Yes, we do a big Star Steppers Show every two years at The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill. We showcase our students work at the end of every term. We run the East Surrey Steps Up Dance Festival at The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill. And our students also perform regularly at local events and festivals.

12) Do parents stay to watch your classes?
No. We always welcome parents to watch their child’s first session and there are watching weeks at the end of each term but parents do not stay to watch classes on a regular basis.

13) What if we miss a class?
Because there are waiting lists for our classes, your termly fees are in place to reserve your space in the class, which is why we cannot move missed sessions over to the next term or reduce the fees.

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