Is your daughter missing out?

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I was up at South Bank and I came across this display. One board said  “Half of UK girls feel that their Mum is the person most likely to persuade them to take part in activities.” Most the enquiries we get are from Mum’s who have heard about us or found us on google! But we do also get calls saying my daughter has friends love coming to your class and she wants to come and join them. So it seems lots of people are also persuaded by friends!

Then on the second board it read “A third of girls have missed out on dancing because they weren’t confident with their appearance.” And this seems such a shame. If you suspect this is why your daughter does not  attend dance classes then please please consider encouraging and supporting her to join a class. Dancing keeps you fit and improves personal appearance and the exercise will encourage the production of endorphins which makes you feel good and helps raise self esteem.

We have seen such positive changes in our students since joining Star Steppers and it is wonderful to see. For more information about how Star Steppers can boost your child’s confidence call us now on 07810808228.

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