3D Classes for 9yrs+

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Monday: Cheam 5.05-6.05pm
Tuesday: Reigate 6.10-7.10pm
Thursday: Caterham 5.00-6.30pm
Friday: Cheam 5.15-6.45pm

Our 3D classes are suitable for girls and boys aged 9 years +. These classes take our musical theatre training to the next level. During 3D classes, students are taught the techniques of dance, singing, drama and performance to a more advanced level and in a more mature and professional environment. The Steppers ethos is maintained, with a nurturing and positive approach, students confidence and self- belief is at the forefront. These classes are fantastic for both young people who want to enjoy the benefits of participating in musical theatre classes and also for those looking for a pre-vocational training and who want to support their dance GCSE and performing arts studies.

Our 3D pupils also have the opportunity to participate in our masterclasses taught by both directors of Star Steppers and industry professionals. These enjoyable classes are intense and inspiring and brilliant for our students to hone their skills and develop new techniques.

We are passionate about training, nurturing and developing young people and there are opportunities for our 3D students to further their learning by supporting and assisting at Star Steppers classes. We have seen first hand how students benefit from the experience of working with younger pupils, sharing their knowledge and gaining teaching skills.