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To Be Or Not To Be A Super Star Stepper

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To Be Or Not To Be A Super Star Stepper

This term at Star Steppers we have been focusing our work on plays written by the awesome William Shakespeare. To some this could sound a bit boring, a bit too serious not really ‘Star Steppers’. But I’ll stop your thoughts there! We have of course explored Shakespeare ‘Star Steppers Style!’ – upbeat, creative, inclusive and, in the main, encouraging the children to explore, challenge themselves and to use their imaginations.

Our youngest groups Step 1, have explored the story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ via the fun children’s film Gnomeo and Juliet, our middle groups Step 2 have been learning about the story of the ‘Tempest’ and our eldest groups Step 3 and 4 have been acting out and script writing the story of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

I have to say I was a little bit nervous at first telling the children that Shakespeare would be the theme for this term, I was expecting cries of ”No!”, yawns of boredom. However quite a different response, the Monday Cheam class actually clapped and cheered.

So off we went and 10 weeks later it has been a fantastic project, a learning curve and an exciting experience for all. One child actually said last week ‘you make Shakespeare more fun!’ Which made us feel we had, maybe just maybe, achieved our goal this term!

Step 1 have explored new and complex vocabulary, sung their hearts out to “Don’t’ Go Breaking My Heart” and danced their socks off learning partner steps and tricky stage formations in their ‘Love Story’ dance.

Step 2 have thrown themselves into the stormy waters of the Tempest and have been working on a beautiful piece of children’s theatre which they will perform especially for Step 1, including stage and prop management, physical theatre, sound-scaping, a Monster dance routine and underwater song.

Step 3 and 4 have created, written and directed their own monologues and duologues based on the infamous tale of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and they perform them beautifully in an edgy, modern context. They have taken such pride in this project and we have been thrilled with how well they have engaged with the themes and story.

Wow! It has been busy but fun and a lot of in-depth learning and progress has taken place too! The progress the all the Star steppers have made is incredible. Children who once were shy are now proudly performing their lines with character and projection. Classes of children are working together as a team to change and/or create scenery, the work ethic and pride is immense and so wonderful to see.

At Star Steppers we pride ourselves in teaching the 3 main strands of performing arts; dance, singing and drama. The benefits of dance and singing often speak for themselves, however the role drama has to play is very important too.

At Star Steppers Drama is not only used as way for children to act out and narrate stories. It is a valuable learning tool and a successful way of building children’s confidence, speech, language and communication skills, team work, spatial awareness and to enhance their imaginations and to build upon their creative responses. The Star Steppers team plan and write each drama script (never ever bought and used directly form the shelf) as we want to ensure each child has an opportunity to act, speak, performa and shine and be the Super Star Stepper they deserve to be!

An interesting thought to leave you with……
“The future of our nation depends on our ability to create – and to be creative. During the coming decades our most important national resources will be human resources. If our nation is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, we need to develop creative leaders.”
From Performing together: The Arts and Education, jointly published by The American Association of School Administrators, The Alliance for Education and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 1985.

So… Super Star Steppers, step forwards and be the leaders of tomorrow, of course in “Star Steppers Style!”

Children Need More Exercise Say The BBC

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The health correspondant at the BBC, Nick Triggle, has said that studies suggest
“Half of all UK seven-year-olds do not do enough exercise, with girls far less active than boys.”

In a case study carried out by University College London, only 51% of the 6,500 children they observed were managing to achieve the recommended one hour of exercise a day. And for girls it was just 38% compared to 63% for boys.

If you think your child needs help meeting this daily target then our Star Steppers classes are an ideal way to keep your child active and healthy! With energetic dance warm ups, lively routines and even the challenge of singing whilst dancing your child can have a lot of fun whilst improving their…

* Lung and Heart strength
* Circulation
* Muscle strength
* Cardio-vascular system
* Self confidence
* Posture
* Socialisation skills
* Gross motor skills and brain power

The performing arts are also proven to reduce stress levels and help children to discover the importance of community and team work.

You can read the full BBC article here.

East Surrey Dance Festival is a HUGE success!

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This year’s East Surrey Dance Festival was the biggest and best yet with over 600 young people signed up to perform from schools all over East Surrey. The festival took place on 21st and 22nd May 2013 at The Harlequin Theatre in Redhill, Surrey.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids and young adults to get up and dance in front of an audience of almost 500 people! The atmosphere, throughout the two days, is electric and everyone is so excited to be a part of it. The wonderful thing is that it is not a competition so everyone is cheering each other on and having a blast!

Having just opened a new class at Soper Hall in Caterham at the end of April, we were thrilled when some of our older members agreed to come and dance at the festival (having only had 4 hours of rehearsal time to learn the dance!!) They did amazingly well and were a real credit to Star Steppers. Here they are backstage….

Some of our Reigate Star Steppers made an energetic appearance on the Tuesday night – dancing up a storm to ‘Gangnam Style’! The crowd loved it!! A massive well done to you all.

The Mayor and Mayoress came backstage to meet the children before the show, where they were asked all sorts of questions such as ‘Is that real gold?’ and “Do you live in a castle?’ Then Cllr. Roger Newstead carried out his final duty as Mayor, by kindly introducing the opening show of the festival. It was such an honour to have them there and we very much hope that the new Mayor will join us next year.

The event was featured in the Surrey Mirror last week and is due to appear in the County Border News. So we were very well supported – thanks to Kevin Black and Jenny Seymour. were present throughout the two days snapping for britain. Their photos are amazing so please check out some of the photos here on this youtube link….

Record Number of Dance Festival Entries

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An estimated 650 children are signed up to perform in the 2013 East Surrey Steps Up Dance Festival! This is a record in all the years the festival has taken place to date so we at Star Steppers are thrilled to bits!

The Mayor has kindly accepted our invitation and will be supporting the event and the Surrey Mirror are all set to cover the event again this year so it’s looking all set to be a wonderful two days of dance!

Here is a list of all the schools and colleges who will be performing this year…


Banstead Community Junior School Christmas Concert

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In September, Hannah took over the hugely popular Breakfast dance Club at the Banstead Community Junior School. And this week the dancers put on their first public performance as part of the school’s Christmas Concert. The children were all absolutely fantastic and did themselves and their parents very proud indeed.

Hannah would like to thank all those at the school for their support and welcoming reception throughout her first term at the school. We are very much looking forward to next year’s projects – the Village May Fayre and the East Surrey Dance Festival are the next two performance dates for the diary – so watch this space!!

Star Steppers coordinate Dance Competition at the Surrey School Games Summer Festival 2013

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About the Dance Competition

All the primary schools in Surrey are invited to enter groups of up to 30 children to perform a dance piece lasting between 3-5minutes.

Star Steppers are judging and coordinating the competition in association with Active Surrey. And the county finals will take place at the Surrey Sports Park – the state-of-the-art olympic training ground in Guildford.

To enter schools must return a completed entry form and video footage of their dance piece (either send us a dvd or youtube video link) by Friday 24th May 2013. (The last Friday before May half-term) Finalists will be notified in the first week back after half-term.

Each school has complete control over the choice of music and any costumes they may choose to wear. If your school is in East Surrey we would encourage you to perform in the East Surrey Steps Up Dance Festival at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill, Surrey in May 2013.

For more information on this competition or if you haven’t received any information in the post please contact Hannah and Anna on 07810808228/

Free Dance Workshops for Schools in Surrey

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Free Performing Arts Workshops for Schools in Surrey

Star Steppers Performing Arts Ltd. is a young, vibrant company, who run creative, fun and inclusive extra-curricular dance and performing arts classes in Surrey. If your school is local to one of our Star Steppers Performing Arts Schools then we would love the opportunity to meet your students and show them what Star Steppers do, either in an assembly or by providing a free 60min dance taster session. All the children that take part will receive a free voucher to attend one of our classes.

If your school would like to utilise a free workshop please contact us on 07445030500 or