Believe In Me

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Believe in Me!

Star Steppers Classes

At Star Steppers on Saturday as part of our news circle I asked the children to tell me what they thought they were good at. I received some brilliant responses such as;
“I am good at colouring”
“I am good at swimming”
“I am good at writing”
The children freely and confidently told me about their strengths and talents. I repeated this throughout the week with older students and adults and what was interesting was, that as I spoke to older students and adults they found it increasingly hard to think about what they were good at and were almost embarrassed to confess they had any talents at all.

Following this I thought it would be interesting to explore the importance of self belief and what role Star Steppers classes play in promoting self belief.

First of all I wanted to look at the dictionary definition…..

noun. confidence in oneself and one’s ability. But there’s an alarming lack of self-belief about the team. His self-belief evaporated. I have a lot of self-belief and if I receive a negative remark I use it to motivate myself.

My reaction to this definition is disbelief, how can something so positive as self belief have one positive definition and 3 negative definitions? Self Belief to me is integral to survival!

I researched some scientific dance journals about the link between dance and self esteem and thought about how Star Steppers positively encourages self belief and ensures survival.

Empathy: Star Stepper teachers teach with care and understanding, listening to the children, using a collaborative teaching approach and encouraging the children to have empathy for other members of the class to ensure a coherent community in Star Steppers classes.

Developing Potential: Star Steppers recognises the strengths of individual children and the class as a whole and sets targets that the children are able to strive for and are always complimented for their achievements.

Realistic Aims: Star Steppers ensures class content is attainable and appropriate for our students so that they feel safe, not out of depth and gain a sense of pride and self satisfaction.

Equality: Star Steppers respects children and makes sure the ‘Star of the Show” is a different child every term!

Star Steppers says dream BIG and believe in yourself – now! xx

We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers and we create the dreams. Albert Einstein.

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