New Beginnings – That September Feeling!

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Star Steppers Welcome
A warm Star Steppers welcome

New Beginnings

I have always loved September and the start of a new academic year, shiny new writing pads, sharpened pencils, a new pencil case (Hannah is also a stationery fanatic) and the promise of challenge and exciting adventure. In the case of Star Steppers it is perhaps new dance shoes and dance wear, an updated music playlist, new choreography, fresh melodies, crisp new scripts and lyric sheets, fun drama games and most importantly welcoming new children to our classes.

Eager, excited, expectant faces, a tiny bit nervous until one of our delightful Star Stepper members comes along takes their hand and invites them to sit next to them in the news circle. Then they are off and away and before they know it skipping down the room, hi-5-ing their new mate and jumping high into the air with happiness and innocent glee.

There will be many families about to experience just the same, as their children start new schools, colleges and universities and it is so important that both child and adult feel safe, reassured and has confidence that the experience will be a happy one.

Although I don’t have children (though very proud godmother to my gorgeous godson who I love to the stars and back and who is my wonderful best friend and co-director of Star Steppers’ son) I fully understand and appreciate how and why a young person’s first experience at a dance/ performing arts class is so important to get right. Believe you me I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences starting at ballet schools and these experiences have shaped the Star Steppers welcome that we aim to provide! Being introduced to the group, being placed where they are most comfortable and can see what is happening, being paired with a buddy, and a friendly, smiley teacher to say well done and that we really hope to see you again. Such simple things that can often be overlooked. This is why Hannah and I set up Star Steppers in the first place, to be different from your average dance school, to be a kind and warm place whereby children cannot wait to return to the class to learn the new dance routine, to sing that song, to play that game and to be with their friends.

The summer holidays are a great time for reflection and I have been thinking about our mission statement at Star Steppers and the promise that we deliver….

“Classes in a fun and safe environment. Young people are encouraged to develop their skills in dance, drama and singing as well as having their imaginations and creative minds nurtured”.

The key words being FUN, SAFE, ENCOURAGED, CREATIVE and NURTURED. I am proud to say that is exactly what Star Steppers does do! Children are not dictated to, not made to feel scared or stifled – in fact the complete opposite. We have managed to create a wonderful performing arts school where children are the heart and centre of what we do. Encouraged to share their ideas, which often form the basis of our work. Skills and techniques are taught in a collaborative way and every child is given the opportunity to shine.

So adults please feel safe and encouraged that your child will be nurtured and will have fun at Star Steppers and we look forward to seeing many new faces as well as our fabulous Star Steppers members in September.

Best of luck to you all as you start your new adventures and I cannot wait to hear all about them in the news circle!

Anna xx

Star Steppers Circle time
Star Steppers News Circle

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