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Little Steps for Toddlers

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Little Steps

Star Steppers are delighted to announce the launch of their new ‘Little Steps’ classes.

The Little Steps programme is especially designed for 2-5 year olds and promotes the creative and physical education of young people through dance, music, singing and drama.

This unique Little Steps programme is designed by Hannah Gunning and Anna Brunton, using their experience of dance training, performance and their expertise of working with children in the Early Years Foundation Stages.

Classes are taught in a calm, nurturing, fun and creative way and aim to build the confidence, imaginative and physical skills of young people.
Class sizes are limited to maintain teaching quality and to ensure every child has the attention they deserve.

Our Little Steps classes for under 5s include…..

Thursdays 4.00-4.50pm for 3-5yrs

Mondays 2.00-2.45pm for 2-3yrs
Mondays 4.00-5.00pm for 3-5yrs
Fridays 5.00-6.30pm for 3-5yrs

Tuesdays 2.00-2.45pm for 2-3yrs
Tuesdays 4.00-5.00pm for 3-5yrs
Wednesdays 4.00-5.00pm for 3-5yrs

Saturdays 9.00-9.45am for 3-5yrs (Ballet)
Saturdays 10.11.30am for 3-5yrs

Thursdays 4.00-5.00pm for 3-5yrs

For more information or to book a free trial class please contact us info@star-steppers.com / 07810808228

Anna Talks…. Ballet

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Anna Talks…. Ballet

I have had a long and volatile relationship with ballet; we have fallen in and out of love many times. However, since teaching ballet to many young people and adults, I have seen first-hand what a fantastic experience the Ballet Class can be and I have found peace at last and I can quite happily say I am now firm friends with ballet.

Anna Brunton - Director of Star Steppers

Anna Brunton – Director of Star Steppers

As a student training classically what I loved about ballet is that you did not need to talk, I was comfortable with being silent. Not having to express myself verbally just taking on board instruction and doing what I was told. I liked the discipline and the boundaries, I knew what was expected of me. I still believe boundaries to be an important part of the learning environment, they give a feeling of safety and from my experience young children especially like to know the ‘rules’ and what is expected of them.

However the strict, silent class environment I was used to is not suitable for all learners it can be suppressive and can stifle one’s ability to move and be expressive. One of the reasons why I feel passionate about teaching ballet is that I want to challenge the pre conceptions of how ballet is taught and create a learning environment in which the student has the opportunity to learn in their own way. Has the confidence to voice their thoughts, ask questions and the interaction between teacher and student is a healthy balance. I feel that ballet can offer more than technique to a dancer, ballet lends itself to being an educational tool for teaching people about their body and through my holistic teaching I hope to encourage dancers to have a healthy relationship with their body and mind. As a teacher I endeavour to have a class of thinking dancers, not robots.

I use the traditional ballet class structure as a basis for my teaching, the technical exercises naturally form a shape to the class and gives a sense of routine. I work hard to construct and plan creative technical exercises that ensure the effective flow and pace of a lesson which helps to maintain the engagement of the learners and the success criteria for learning can be a fun, gradual and progressive process. The ballet class offers repetition and consistency, enabling learners to become familiar and increasingly confident with the concept of ballet, however I give opportunity for my students to be creative and expressive as well as giving them a musical education.

The Ballet class is a wonderful and effective way to get in shape, it strengthens the core muscles, tones and lengthens the limbs, improves posture and increases flexibility, as well as challenging the grey matter. English National Ballet advocate the benefits of Ballet for people with Parkinson’s. Ballet is used as workout by many celebrities; Sarah Jessica- Parker trained at the School of American Ballet and is on the Board of New York City Ballet. Carine Roitfeld Fashion editor of French Vogue is filmed famously in her documentary Mademoiselle C, taking Ballet class and aims to do so 5 times a week as a workout.

So whether you are an adult wishing to try Ballet for the first time, or you wish to dust of your satin slippers and reignite a passion or you are a child wanting to make a dream come true and pirouette and Grand Jete across the room Star Steppers has the Ballet Class for you.

Come and try one of Anna’s Ballet classes for free…

Tuesdays: 4-5pm for 5-8yrs
Tuesdays: 5.05-6.05pm for 9yrs+
Tuesdays: 7.30-8.30pm for Adults

Fridays: 6.30-7.10pm for 8+yrs

Saturdays: 9.00-9.45am for 3-5yrs
Saturdays: 11.45-12.30pm for 6+yrs

For more information or to book a free trial class please contact us info@star-steppers.com / 07810808228